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At Meccano, we revolutionized the serially household construction, developing innovative and more efficient construction systems through our own technology allowing us to offer the market differentiated products, efficient and of high quality.

Our Mission is to offer the market an integral, sustainable and diferentiated construction solution to build fast, easy and economically

Fabricante de sistemas de cimbra
Target Markets

At Meccano, we specialize in engineering development and the fabrication of constructive systems for the construction of concrete house building (Total Mold) or construction blocks (Tradimecc / Tradimecc Plus). For this, we offer three kinds of constructive systems either in steel or concrete, Total Mold, Tradimecc and Tradimecc Plus. The possibilities of in-series house building become endless, depending on your project´s requirements.

Anticipating the success of your company by using constructive technology, your Meccano cast will be designed to transform into new projects taking advantage of most of the actual design´s components or to reinstate in case of project expansion.


We offer two different products to overcome your necesities in civil and commercial construction: Meccano Formwork and Meccano Special Formwork. Both products will cover all the requirements for the most demmanding proyects. Our engeneering capability allow us to develop solutions for all kind of volumetric and geometric shapes.

Civil and Commercial Construction

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Multi-Family Housing Buildings

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