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Service Culture

While working with Meccano you will have access to vocational customer service. As a customer you will receive specialized Meccano follow up throughout your business project, which seeks to optimize your operations and obtaining the maximum profitability tracking.
Through our sales network we are close to our customers throughout the Mexican territory and much of North, Central and South America.
Through centralized pricing service, you will have no more than 48 hours response to multiple requests requiring budget.


Profitability and long-term effectiveness

With our after-sales services, our commercial work extends beyond the end of a negotiation. In the long run you can count on advice, training, auditing and other services appropriate to your needs; you have access to maintenance and in a specialized service plant; and you get the most out of your molds when used in multiple projects with transformation service. Maximize your flexibility and increase your profit even further.


Get the most out of your construction project taking advantage of a customized construction system.


We offer you an alternative to the use of Total Mold, Tradimecc or Meccacimbra in your construction projects avoiding the acquisition of an asset and a lower initial investment.


Mantenance and Rehabilitation

The comprehensive maintenance can significantly extend the life of Meccano products and preserve the quality of the results over time.



We offer the analysis, evaluation and redesign your equipment to maximize its flexibility.

Technical support
Receive specialized technical support in the use of equipment and construction processes for mold construction, directly on site.
Training and Certification

For staff training: (aimed at mold installers, supervisors and executives), we offer training and certification for the correct use of Meccano falsework systems molds directly on site.

Operation Audit Work

Audit operation is a post-sales on-site service that helps our customers get the best results and investment advantages through audit processes of the construction with mold; management and proper use of formwork and accessories.

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