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100% ferubrished equipment


We offer an alternative to the use of Total Mold, Tradimecc or Meccacimbra in your construction projects not involving the acquisition of an asset and a lower initial investment. Through this method we provide our customers a 100% Meccano construction system restored to its perfect operation, fabricated with used formwork, in exchange for a monthly rent according to the characteristics of your project.

Simple Rent

Scheme in which a customer contracts to lease a mold designed specifically for your project, only pay a pre-defined monthly rent.


This form of business provides our customers with all the advantages of using construction technology on short-term projects.


Ideal for customers with short-term projects or stages with different prototypes.

Rent with option to buy


Special rental scheme in which our costumer has option to buy the rental mold used at the time saving up to 50% of a maximum of  6 of the previously paid rents.


Ideal for costumers with flexible projects which could extend for longer periods.

Rent by use


Income mode in which the number of factor uses determines the monthly rent, allowing customers to keep pace with moderate or discontinuous casting work.


Ideal for clients with a moderate, variable, and / or discontinuous work.

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