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Construction system for the efficient development of civil engineering and commercial construction.


The Mecca-falsework systems will facilitate the development of civil engineering projects to the extent required with both quality and speed. The use of this type of formwork is very simple and can be operated by a small group of workers.

Advantages for the constructor

Facilitates management. It enables standardization of consumption of materials, labor and runtime.

Consistent quality. The structure´s finish is obtained according to the design specifications.

Maximizes the structural quality. Cold joints are avoided by casting all structural elements in a single event.


The formwork steel or aluminum composed panels in standard measures and formwork parts for cutting or special that your project requires to faithfully reproduce even the smallest details of its design, completely eliminating the use of traditional wooden formwork, providing quick , efficiency and quality to your work while favoring the sustainability of its operations.


Its engineering accelerates the construction process and 100% recoverable accessories which are attached to the panel are assembled easily and prevent losses.


Mecca-falsework system uses the spacer pin, eliminating "ties" favoring cost reduction.


The infinite possibilities of Mecca-falsework to effectively produce structural elements in series make it a very versatile development tool for your projects.

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