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desarrollo de tecnologia para la construccion
Diseño de soluciones para la construccion
Servicio para moldes
Research and Development

For over 10 years, Meccano has incessantly dedicated itself to research, development of new products and improving existing products.
More than ten patents and numerous awards in innovation forums reflect our technological contribution to Mexico and the world. Some technologies designed by Meccano, are now the industry standard.

We are committed to continuously updating our technology, adapting to the changing needs of our customers.

The I + D, as all areas within Meccano, is fully committed on the task of providing the best solutions through building systems for housing production, in series and for the construction industry in general.

Design and Consultancy


Custom design
we design customized solutions for in series housing production, civil engineering and commercial developments, in order for their projects to be viable and successful.

In the design and consulting department in Meccano we have experts who combine technical expertise, field experience and advanced systems design, to provide the best technical and integral solution, to ensure every one of your projects:

a) Customized Design

b) Technical Support

c) Capacitation

d) Technical asistance

e) Operations Audit




Service culture
while working with Meccano you will have access to vocational customer service. As a customer you will receive specialized Meccano follow up throughout your business project, which seeks to optimize your operations and obtaining the maximum profitability tracking.
Through our sales network we are close to our customers throughout the Mexican territory and much of North, Central and South America.

Through centralized pricing service, you will have no more than 48 hours response to multiple requests requiring budget.

Profitability and long-term effectiveness
with our after-sales services, our commercial work extends beyond the end of a negotiation. In the long run you can count on advice, training, auditing and other services appropriate to your needs; you have access to maintenance and in a specialized service plant; and you get the most out of your molds when used in multiple projects with transformation service.
Maximize your flexibility and increase your profit even further.

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