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Advantages for the constructor

Increased payback  on invested capital. The construction sequence of this system eases, simplifies and shortens the construction cycle business, reducing working capital required by housing building.

Facilitates work management. Materials, labor and controlled implementation time according to budget.

Standardized profit. Cost and profit are much more accurate when standardized per cast.

Consistent quality. This process produces housing construction in series with the same quality.

Housing with enhanced features. Building concrete houses with structural capacity and provides a longer lifespan than traditional.

Total Mold

100% Concrete housing system that will allow you to build housing in series easily, quickly and economically. Providing the ability to produce more than one monolithic reinforced concrete house daily, with a small team of operators in site

Sistema Constructivo - Molde Total

The Total Mold will allow you to build in-series concrete housing easy, fast and economically. Produces one or more monolithic houses per day even when opperated by a reduced work team.


System composed of falsework made of steel or aluminum in panels, joined together it encapsulates 100% of a home, producing a concrete house per day (duplex, quadruplex, one or more floors in the mold which you are working with).

Its advanced design allows a small group of trained operators can assemble and disassemble easily and quickly. 100% recoverable accessories attached to the panel and increase the speed of assembly on site and reduce the loss of parts avoiding extra costs.

The Meccano spacer systems use 100% recoverable pins, avoiding the additional cost that represents the use of "ties" which must be replaced every cast.


Total Mold is capable of holding the concrete in a plastic consistency to reach sufficient maturity and shape faithfully to all details of housing such as walls, slabs, parapets, moldings, lintels, stairs, etc. In the design are considered electrical, hydraulic and hydro-sanitary facilities.

See construction process with mold
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