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By developing its construction projects Meccano Construction Systems, you have in your hands the control of daily advance rate and the volume of construction in a given period with consistent quality.

Commercial Construction Systems


Formwork systems and metal accessories for the production of civil work in site, which fully replaces traditional wooden formwork, providing development, speed and quality.  See more+


Cimbra Especial

Formwork systems developed so far to solve building works or large-scale infrastructure requiring superior quality of construction, resource control and precision in expected time. See more+

Advantages versus traditional building construction systems

  • The structural strength of housing is much higher for being monolithic.

  • Facilitates project planning by defining the exact volume of materials required for the work from the planning stage.

  • Construction of structural elements is fast and high in quality.

  • Facilitates work management by reducing building materials to just concrete and steel.

  • Requires a small number of operators.

Meccano´s advantages versus other systems

  • Unlike other systems, Meccano systems are manufactured with 100% steel or aluminum which reduces restocking costs, surface contact and eliminates the use of wood plates or polymers.

  • The Meccano systems use fully recoverable accessories.

  • No required sleeve tie.

  • Accessories are attached to the panel so loss is avoided.

  • Meccano molds are finished with baked electrostatic paint application that protects the metal from contact with concrete and the environment.

  • Does not require application of anti-corrosion chemicals and other aluminum systems.

  • The construction speed is increased substantially, a home per day.

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