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"Since its founding, Meccano Group has distinguished itself for its strong values ​​shared by all personnel as part of it and expressed through concrete actions seeking the well being of others.

The Board of Directors, a body responsible, among other responsibilities, of making the Code of Ethics and Conduct a rule of life, is integrated not only by members of the family who owns the group, but by people from outside institutions of proven honesty and professionalism.

We encourage our staff with having the opportunity to become a better person, to serve with genuine interest, to live and work with passion and responsibility, to recognize the value of others learning to work together and generate economic, social and human wealth to service of others.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is not just to read: it is to be lived. We have a winning team struggling to succeed, but none of our accomplishments would be worth something if we ourselves are not people whom our customers, other employees, directors, shareholders, investors and suppliers can fully rely on. "


Dr. Salvador Jalife García

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