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In Meccano we care about being close to our community through sustainability and Socio-Cultural development.

Sistema constructivo sustentable

Allow your company to have big savings in rework and waste reduction, make use of recycled local materials and reduce working hours that impact energy and hydraulic savings, thanks to the commitment to sustainability that Meccano ratifies with society through its products.

Meccano socialmente responsable

Through the Meccano Foundation, culture and the arts are promoted. Underprivileged youths get support for cultural activities and high social impact.

The most important project is the "Symphonic Youth Band Salvador Jalife Cervantes". Meccano Foundation in collaboration with ITESM Campus Laguna support over 50 children and young people learn to play musical instruments offering concerts in neighborhoods with the aim to provide a recreational activity, culture and entertainment to the disadvantaged population.

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