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In Meccano, we understand sustainability as the efficient use of natural resources and environmental care in all company processes and activities.


Our challenge for sustainability is actively involved in caring for the environment and the conscious use of natural resources, promote the importance of responsible practice in construction and pass the advantages of using sustainable products on to our customers.

Water saving

The use of molds, Meccano formwork and accessories reduce water consumption by avoiding dehydration of concrete during setting .In addition to eliminating the use of in site water use.


For example: To build a concrete house nearly 30% is saved compared to the amount used to build the same house in the traditional way, that is a saving of around 6,000 liters of water per household.


To make the 14,000 houses that are built in a year using Meccano molds, 84,000,000 liters of water or 84,000 Sq meters are saved. This is enough to fill about 3 times the Azteca stadium (seats 102,963).

Wood saving


The use of Meccano molds and accessories within our current housing customers directly saves 400 tons of wood per year.


If all houses subsidized by Infonavit (National fund institute for workers housing) had occurred with Meccano molds, formwork and accessories, in total 11,400 tons of wood would have been saved, beams only.

Energy savings


Through formwork rental services and refurbishing of existing molds our customers can save 960,000 kwh which had been used in the production of steel for the manufacturing of new molds.


Furthermore the production of 620 tons of CO2 was avoided from the operation of melting steel in blast furnaces.

Polution prevention


Through renting falsework, refurbishing our costumer´s molds and the transformation of molds from one prototype to another taking advantage of as much existing falsework the release of 620 tons of CO2 was avoided that would have occurred by operating blast furnaces to melt the steel that would have been required for all our customers ´projects.

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