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Advantages for the constructor

Increased payback  on invested capital. The construction sequence of this system eases, simplifies and shortens the construction cycle business, reducing working capital required by housing building.

Facilitates work management. Materials, labor and controlled implementation time according to budget.

Standardized profit. Cost and profit are much more accurate when standardized per cast.

Consistent quality. This process produces housing construction in series with the same quality.

Does not use wood. Tradimecc completely replaced the wooden formwork and props, using steel falsework for an extended period of life instead.


Block house construction system that exponentially increases the speed, efficiency and quality in the critical points of traditional construction (slapes, walls, tile, stairs and railings).

Tradimecc Construction System

Tradimecc is capable of holding the concrete in plastic form to reach sufficient maturity and shape true to the structural elements and details included in the mold design as slabs, parapets, , moldings or lintels.


Tradimecc formwork system is steel produced in a monolithic casting, 100% of the structural elements of a block housing walls or partition. For its advanced design it allows it to be quickly assembled and disassembled by a small group of workers, so that the implmentation of the raw structure  is faster and costs less. It has 100% recoverable accessories attached to the panel that maximize the speed of assembly and prevent losses.


System that allows the construction of traditional housing with monolithic structure of reinforced concrete and block walls, bricks or similar. It brings speed, efficiency and quality to the development of the slowest and most laborious part of the traditional construction process, thereby reducing the period of capital investment.

Tradimecc Construction Process
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