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Multifamily Housing

Based on our experience in vertical housing construction, technological alternatives that Meccano builders have developed for multifamily housing, can maximize the benefits of the development of such projects by providing high speed and security to work.

Housing Construction Systems

Total Mold
System producing monolithically 100% of the raw structure of a home. Walls, flagstone, traslapes, doorways and windows, overhangs, balconies, moldings, etc. See more +

Tradimecc + (Plus)
System building block perimeter walls with interior walls and structural elements of monolithic concrete. See more +


System for construction with blocks producing all monolithically structural elements of a house such as traslapes, walls and slab. See more +

Mold Modulations

Individual - single house dwelling

Duplex - Simultaneous Building 2 adjacent houses.

Quadruplex - Construction of four adjoining buildings per module.


The modulation of the mold can be adjusted depending on project requirements.

Advantajes of Construction Systems over traditional building

  • The construction speed is increased substantially, one home per day.

  • The structural strength of housing is much higher for being monolithic.

  •  Facilitates project planning by using the same amount of material in each cast.

  • Facilitates work management by reducing materials to just concrete and steel.

  • Requires a small number of operators.

  • Uniform quality on all units in the development.

  • Facilitates finishings and reduces cost by avoiding reprocess and rework

  • Eliminates waste material.

  • Provides security in the execution of the work.

What kind of houses can be built with a mold?

The Meccano molds offer the ability to reproduce in detail any housing prototype in each cast, including functional moldings and architectural details such as gargoyles, washrooms, drains, etc.

How many casts can be made with a mold?

The molds are designed to make a daily casting and reach around 2 thousand casts over its lifetime. Preventive maintenance is recommended at certain intervals to extend its life and ensure the quality of the finish.

What does a mold provide in a project?

1. Time reduction, controlled costs and materials.
2. Daily production.
3. Faithful reproduction of  details in each cast.

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Meccano advantages over other systems

  • Unlike other systems, the Meccano systems are manufactured with 100% steel or aluminum which reduces restocking costs, contact surface and eliminates the use of wood plates  or polymers.

  • The Meccano systems use fully recoverable accessories.

  • No sleeve tie required.

  • Accessories are attached to the panel so loss is avoided.

  • Meccano molds are finished with powder coating that protects metal from exposure to concrete and the environment.

  • Does not require application of anti-corrosion chemicals or other aluminum systems.

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