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Cimbra para cimentación de vivienda

Facilitates management. It enables standardization of consumption of materials, labor and runtime.

Consistent quality. The structure´s finish is obtained according to the design specifications.

Maximizes the structural quality. Cold joints are avoided by casting all structural elements in a single event.

Advantages for the constructor


The Meccano falsework foundation allows efficient mass production of perfectly squared slabs and leveled foundation.


With the initial stroke from the surveyor in the area, placing the formwork is simple. A template, which is used to adjust and correct even the smallest irregularities on natural ground before setting the foundation formwork to the ground and check the correct placement of armed steel that, will be the structural bonding of the foundation and walls.


A leveled foundation ensures durability and the maximum efficiency of the

Meccano System.


It is designed and manufactured to suit each project.


This type of formwork borders the perimeter with reinforced concrete, adjusted to the designed mold model and provides a continuous leveled surface thanks to the edges offered by the foundation formwork and the central support tool “level profiler”.

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